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    Where and what to buy

    Or I've got an uncle that can get it for you wholesale...

    I'm not going to talk about this, I'm going to show you why you should never pay retail again.

    Item Retail Retail per unit Wholesale Wholesale per unit
    All Purpose Thread 300 yd
    .009/yd 1500 yd
    Serging Thread1 3000 yd
    .00133~/yd 6000 yd
    1/4" Grommets2 15 grommets
    .0993~/pc 1 Gross
    In each comparison, I have chosen identical products wherever possible. When I couldn't, I chose products similar enough to not invalidate the comparison.

    All prices based on prices found in Kansas City, Missouri, February 2004.

    1 Serging thread differs from all purpose thread in that it is lighter in weight and therefore ideal for edge finishing but unsuitable for use in seams.
    2 For the record: eyelets are one piece; grommets are comprised of a two piece set of a large eyelet and a washer. Don't let the fact that the Dritz® packaging differentiates the two by size confuse you.

    Unfortunately, it's difficult to get price breaks on fabric. I get my muslin for about .685/yd, but then again I buy it 100 yards at a time. 'Nuf sed.

    Where to go...

    First, let me say that I don't work for either of these companies. Neither do I make any guarantees or promises regarding the service or products you'll get. No tax numbers are necessary.
    Atlanta Thread & Supply Co
    695 Red Oak Road
    Stockridge, GA 30281
    Hammer Brothers
    407 Grand
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    note: don't expect to walk in the door
    and get served, they keep really weird hours.
    They also have a $25.00 minimum purchase.


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