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  • Name: Date:
    Phone: Other Contact Information:
    * Indicates a measurement
    required only for women
    A. Neck to Shoulder:  
    B. Front Width:  
    C. Bust (Chest):  
    * D. Ribcage:  
    E. Waist:  
    F. Hips (4" below waist):  
    G. Hips (9" below waist):  
    H. Back Width:  
    I. Back Nape to Waist:  
    * J. Center Shoulder to Bust Point:  
    * K. Bust Point to Bust Point:  
    L. Shoulder to Wrist:  
    M. Underarm to Wrist:  
    N. Bicep:  
    O. Wrist:  

    Notes or additional information:



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