William Richard Morris

I was introduced to sewing when I was nine, when I decided that I wanted a coat just like Sherlock Holmes in the movies (called an Inverness, if you're interested). What I quickly found out was that you can't just look in the Sears WishBook(c) and find one. I figured out that I'd have to make it if I wanted one.

Just as quickly I found out that you can't just go make one either - not at nine years old having never sewn before.

I attended Missouri Western State College in St. Joseph Missouri, and got my degree in Technical Theatre, with a heavy emphasis in set design and costume. It was here that I learned how to draft patterns, the single most liberating thing I've ever learned about sewing.

In 1986, some friends heard through another friend that a group called the W.A.N.A.B.A.T.S (the We Are Not As Bad As They Say players) that worked out at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival was looking for some new people. Thus began my involvement with renaissance festivals.

For a day job I'm a partner in a firm that writes and markets software, Seritas, L.L.C.. My family and I make our home in Independence, Missouri, a rather non-descript little suburb or Kansas City, Missouri whose major distinction is no longer that it is the resting place of Harry Truman and site of his library (which it is) but that it is the "meth" capitol of the country. I guess if you have to known for something...



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