• Introduction    
  • Tools and Supplies    
  • Sewing Notes    
  • Safety Notes    
  • Material Selection    
  • Getting the Pattern    
  • From Duct Tape 
    to Cardboard
  • Pattern Adjustments   
  • Cutting out the Pieces   
  • Preparing the Sole   
  • Starting Construction   
  • Assembling The Back   
  • Applying The Lacing Blocks   
  • Making Buttons   
  • Attaching the back to 
    the front
  • Cementing the Upper 
    to the Sole
  • Sewing the Upper 
    to the Sole
  • Attaching the Rubber Sole   
  • Sewing on the Buttons   
  • Lacing Up   
  • Glossary 
  • Design Home   
  • Das Boot


    Or: Why don't people take better care of what's holding them up all day?

    Before we get started, you might take a look at why this page is here. Even if you don't care why I'm doing this, do make sure that you read the instructions from beginning to end before you start work. The process of making boots is a long involved one, so be familiar with it before you get started.

    Many of the images on the site may seem too small to effectively illustrate a point, but most of the images here are thumbnailed, and can be clicked on so that you can see the full-size image.

    The convention I've tried to follow throughout the illustrations goes like this: new pieces being added to the mix are going to be in a darker shade than the pieces the instructions have already addressed. If I don't happen to be doing that on a particular page, then the inside of the boot (the leather's 'wrong' side) will be the darker color, while the outside (the leather's 'right' side) will be lighter.

    A request from the author: if you find something in these articles that is a little too vague to be easily understood, mail me and let me know. As quick as I can, I'll send you a clarification and fix the article. Really. I already know how to do this, and sometimes I forget to include helpful details that I take for granted.

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